5.1%  ABV        19 IBU

This easy going ale is our take on a traditional German style. Bready malt, yeast, and crisp noble hops are what this beer is all about. If you’re not sure where to start, look no further.


City Slicker amber ale

5.4%  ABV        20 IBU


A well balanced ale, neither too hoppy nor too sweet, this brew fills the palate with notes of smooth caramel, nuttiness, biscuit, and a hint of raisin.


Natural State Porter

6.3% ABV   25 IBU

Hey, look! A normal porter! And a fine one at that. We didn’t bother dolling this one up with fancy dressings. No additional flavoring, no extract. We’ve simply dialed in what this style is all about, and here it is before you, in the buff. Let the oats, chocolate and honey malts, and woody aromas dance freely, unadulterated in your mouth like that one time things got weird on that camping trip.


Homewrecker India Pale Ale

7.5% ABV   80 IBU

A beer for the hop lover’s.  With Citra dominating aromas and a great head retention, this brew is sure to please.  We wanted to keep some of the sweet honey flavors and not dry it out completely like the norm.  The hop taste comes on the front end and leaves you with a crisp, clean finish. 



5.1% ABV   35 IBU

It’s like Homewrecker light, with a little more bite. It’s dry, it’s hoppy, and it still carries a touch of sweetness, just like the good folks of Northwest Arkansas. What’s that? How are people hoppy? Have you tried getting from Fayetteville to Bentonville in rush hour? Your move. At least it’s scenic around here.


Seasonal and limited Brews


West Fork Witbier

5.2% ABV   15 IBU


Wheat, wheat, and a little more wheat defines this ake on the classic Belgian style. Also some orange peel and coriander. Hazy fresh, or clear with time, this beer is a must with a book, in the field, and all legal places of consumption in between. Refreshing and filling, just as the farmers and monks who pioneered it centuries ago intended.



Salted Cherry Sour

4.2% ABV   8 IBU

This beer was brewed with all of our favorite things about summer in mind; warm weather, fruity and fresh flavors, and crisp, cold beverages. The Salted Cherry Sour is our own take on a gose and our first (of hopefully many) sour brews. The slight saltiness combined with the sweetness from tart cherries helps make this 4.2% ABV sour very sessionable.


Rugburn Double IPA

10.2% ABV   100 IBU

Amarillo hops, the star of the show, lend a distinct orange marmalade character to this beer. Clocking in at 10.2% ABV and boasting 100 IBUs, this is not a beer to take lightly. Knee pads recommended. 


Roundabout Chocolate Milk Stout

6.3% ABV   23 IBU

The Roundabout Stout's story began in Hot Springs, AR, where long time friends and fellow brewers, Michael and Davis, developed the recipe for this tasty chocolate, milk stout. Knowing that they were on to something, they entered their brew in the Hot Springs Brew Fest, where -lo and behold- it took Best in Show!

Knowing that a beer this good has to shared, the creators agreed to brew it on a larger scale with us here at Bentonville Brewing Company! This lovely dark beer is brewed with milk sugar to add a smoothness and body and then fermented with Uganda cocoa nibs locally sourced from our friends at Hello Cocoa in Fayetteville.


Red Headed Stranger Irish Red Ale


Airship coffee ipa