5.1%  ABV        19 IBU

This easy going ale is our take on a traditional German style. Bready malt, yeast, and crisp noble hops are what this beer is all about. If you’re not sure where to start, look no further.

Available in bottles


Natural State Porter

6.3% ABV   25 IBU

Hey, look! A normal porter! And a fine one at that. We didn’t bother dolling this one up with fancy dressings. No additional flavoring, no extract. We’ve simply dialed in what this style is all about, and here it is before you, in the buff. Let the oats, chocolate and honey malts, and woody aromas dance freely, unadulterated in your mouth like that one time things got weird on that camping trip.

Available in bottles


Homewrecker India Pale Ale

7.5% ABV   80 IBU

It’s an IPA. We get it, you love it. And you damn well should, but we’ll leave the boasting to the beer. Citra hops dominate the aroma, and honey malt carries through the body for a lavish finish, capped off with great head (like, really great). It’s sweet, it’s hoppy, it’s all you desire, you beer lover, you. Go ahead, grab that second. This beer was meant for you.

Available in bottles



6.3% ABV    70 IBU

Surely you’ve already met Homewrecker. Big, loud beer that, against your better judgment, keeps calling you back for another sip? Can’t miss it. It’s now got an offspring. Where Homewrecker has a tendency to yell, this lil’ fella is a bit more shrill, but every bit as delicious. A lighter body and the addition of Mosaic hops bring out a wondrous aroma of tangerine, passion fruit, and a hint of blooming roses, giving way to a taste of fresh bread topped with honey and orange marmalade. Delectable? Indeed. Trouble? Most definitely. This mischievous brew will leave you feeling like an adult brat causing a fuss in a botanical garden while more mature grown-ups are trying to have a nice luncheon.

Available in bottles


Seasonal Brews

Guava Warbaby Sour gose - (july/August)

4.5% ABV 11 IBU
Few brews are so ripe for the summer heat as the gose (pronounced Goes-Uh, because it’s German, duh). It’s salty, sour, floral, sultry, and in this case, citrusy, with hints of lime, fresh cut melon, and strawberry. Guava was simply meant to be in this beer. Brewed with wheat, barley, sea salt, coriander, and aged hops, and inoculated with lactobacillus bacteria prior to boil and fermentation, this beer is delicate in flavor while packing a puckering punch on the palate. Contradictions are fun. So are paradoxes, but let’s just stick to one sour subject for the moment….

Pairs well with an afternoon jog, some light yard work, a breezy sunset, or after a basketball game on the blistering blacktop with friends and strangers alike, the kind of game where that one guy you know just kind of gets way too into it, and you’re like “geez, take it easy, man, it’s just a friendly game.” Yeah, looking at you, Stephen, if that even is your real name. Why don’t you take, like, 10-15% off, OK bud? Someone’s not getting any Guava Gose after the game….

Uncommon Arkansan - On Tap Now

3.9% ABV 11 IBU

Cream Ale


Salted Cherry Sour  -  On Tap Now

4.2% ABV   8 IBU

This beer was brewed with all of our favorite things about summer in mind; warm weather, fruity and fresh flavors, and crisp, cold beverages. The Salted Cherry Sour is our own take on a gose and our first (of hopefully many) sour brews. The slight saltiness combined with the sweetness from tart cherries helps make this 4.2% ABV sour very sessionable.


Rugburn Double IPA - (June/July)

10.2% ABV   100 IBU

You know how some days you just want to take a sander to your tongue? No? Well, I guess you’ve never said anything embarrassing before in your life, eh? You know what, have one of these and we’ll get right on changing that for ya.

Clocking in at a whopping and walloping 10.2% and 100 IBU, the Rugburn is one mean motherf- Ah, sorry for the profanity. I’ll get right on scrubbing my mouth out. With some of this Double IPA, naturally. Alrighty then, back to it. The Simcoe and Amarillo hops blaze the path through the tastebuds with strong notes of grapefruit, citrus, and pine. It’s a haughty, heaping mess of naughty in a glass. It’s one mean sonofab-

Whoops. You get the point. I’m getting a little too loose-tongued and letting slip things I shouldn’t. If you need me again, find me in the morning. 

Seriously, please come find me.



12.5% ABV  54 IBU

Where darkness grows wild, few are brave enough to delve such depths. A torrent of roasted goodness intrigues the brave of heart, and flavors of chocolate smothered berries entices the same. But what heat when attempting to conquer such livid libations! Take refuge in the gentle woody hop notes. Descend and find your Deliverance! Be wary... it may leave you squealing.


Roundabout Chocolate Milk Stout (December/January)

6.3% ABV   23 IBU

The Roundabout Stout's story began in Hot Springs, AR, where long time friends and fellow brewers, Michael and Davis, developed the recipe for this tasty chocolate, milk stout. Knowing that they were on to something, they entered their brew in the Hot Springs Brew Fest, where -lo and behold- it took Best in Show!

Knowing that a beer this good has to shared, the creators agreed to brew it on a larger scale with us here at Bentonville Brewing Company! This lovely dark beer is brewed with milk sugar to add a smoothness and body and then fermented with Uganda cocoa nibs locally sourced from our friends at Hello Cocoa in Fayetteville.


Red Headed Stranger Irish Red Ale (March/April)


Airship coffee ipa



Glacier Pale Ale

7.4% ABV 48 IBU

“We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.” Bob Ross could’ve just as easily been talking about brewing as he was about painting and life philosophy. Ours is a world of constant “happy little accidents,” and this ale is no exception. You see, a few years ago, a few things went quite differently than anticipated in making an otherwise straightforward Pale Ale. It was dry-hopped more-than-anticipated, and, somehow, the beer froze. The results was a pleasant surprise, a happy little accident, and the Glacier Pale Ale was born.

These beer is not exactly the original. Happy little accidents are hard to replicate. Nonetheless, the influence remains. A higher-than-expected ABV of 7.4% and a heavy dry-hopping of Citra and Centennial pop through the light, crisp body, culminating in a big floral and orange citrus aroma, rounded out by a touch of malty sweetness up front before giving way to a citrusy, resinous, and piney bite on the back end.

Pair with anything boisterously savory or decadent, like a whole rotisserie chicken or the sloppiest burger on the menu. Or make a whole plate of candied bacon drenched in maple syrup. I mean, why not? While you’re at it, dust off those old brushes, put on some old reruns of The Joy of Painting, let Bob Ross take you on a journey into a glacial landscape, and enjoy your own happy little accidents with a pint of Glacier Pale Ale.

West Fork Witbier (Currently Unavailable)

5.2% ABV   15 IBU 

Wheat, wheat, and a little more wheat defines this ake on the classic Belgian style. Also some orange peel and coriander. Hazy fresh, or clear with time, this beer is a must with a book, in the field, and all legal places of consumption in between. Refreshing and filling, just as the farmers and monks who pioneered it centuries ago intended.


N.W.A.P.A. (Currently Unavailable)

5.1% ABV   35 IBU

It’s like Homewrecker light, with a little more bite. It’s dry, it’s hoppy, and it still carries a touch of sweetness, just like the good folks of Northwest Arkansas. What’s that? How are people hoppy? Have you tried getting from Fayetteville to Bentonville in rush hour? Your move. At least it’s scenic around here.

City Slicker amber ale (Currently Unavailable)

5.4%  ABV        20 IBU

A well balanced ale, neither too hoppy nor too sweet, this brew fills the palate with notes of smooth caramel, nuttiness, biscuit, and a hint of raisin.


SCOOTISH DOOBLE (Currently Unavailable)

5.8% ABV   24 IBU

Exquisite seems a bit much, but what else can I say? Quite a bit more, honestly. Let me get a few more sips, hold on…. Wait, wait, one more. Okay, here we go:

Influenced by the nutty, malt forward brews of Scotland and the fruit-laced suds of Belgian monasteries, this ale seems most fit for a pastry shop in a dusty stone castle. Pecans, raisins, and a hint of toffee flow with ease through this mahogany nectar. Rich and velvety, it’s as easy on the palate as it is on the eye.




5.3% ABV   38 IBU

If I trusted my senses, I’d say I get hints of biscuit, almond nuttiness, and a soft touch of creamy sweet orange marmalade. I’d also say it smells like you might expect a Bavarian cabin to - softly sanded wood, fresh made jam, steamy biscuits in a dutch oven, the fresh flow of breezy mountain air off a lake the color of shimmering blue topaz, cutting through a field of midsummer flowers and knee high grass still fresh with a morning dew. But I don’t trust my senses.

It’s easy to get lost in these perspectival shifts between memory, dream, and perception. It’s one way, then another.

Vienna malt and British oats provide the base to accentuate the bright citrus notes of Mandarina Bavaria hops. The resulting flavor is light and clean, with a delicate sweetness of tangerines. Pair with a bite of dark chocolate, and get lost in your own imaginings.



7.8% ABV  27 IBU

Notrocious (adj.): Notoriously atrocious. From the Book according to Beau. This bastardized (re: imperial) saison hits sweet and smooth, but finishes warm and dry. Notes of fresh orange meringue and pepper strike the nose, and the texture hints of orange crème brulee and a mimosa that’s three parts extra dry bubbly to one part juice. Quaff it down with roasted chicken, spicy Pad Thai, or some gumbo, for all I care. I’m three deep, full up on andouille, and going to bed.


Bearded Maiden Australian Sparkling Ale (Currently Unavailable)

4.5% ABV  28 IBU

A dry, refreshing brew in the style of the popular ale produced by our larrikin brewer friends down under. Whether it’s after a hard day’s work or a long day’s travel, the Bearded Maiden is here to satisfy the palate and give comforting refuge to all who slog through the summer heat.

Served slightly hazy, highly carbonated, and carrying a low alcohol by volume. With hints of herbal tea, touches of fruit such as peach, pear, passion fruit, and grapefruit peel, it’s a perfect brew to sit and sip with your feet cooling off in the kiddie pool while disregarding for the moment whatever responsibilities you might need to (eventually) address.

Cheers to the Bearded Maiden! Cheers to you!