Bentonville Brewing Collaborates with Prairiewoods Farm

At Bentonville Brewing Company, our goal isn’t just to create a high-quality beer for our community, but to produce it in a responsible and sustainable way. In addition to brewing beer with all-natural ingredients, we also want to use processes that are sustainable – which is why we’ve chosen to partner up with our friends at Prairiewoods Farm.

Located in Sulphur Springs, Arkansas, this small family farm has been doing big things in and around Northwest Arkansas. Not only do they grow high-quality, delicious produce, but they do so with efficient, sustainable, and organic methods – cue our beer waste.

While our brewers utilize the most efficient methods possible for making our beer, beer waste – even a limited amount – is inevitable.

In an effort to reduce and reuse any beer waste that we create during our brewing process, we knew that partnering with Jeremy (head farmer) and Jeremiah (farm manager) was the right move for us. Their commitment to sustainability, attention to detail, and quality resonated with our team

We hope for this to be the first of many more future collaborations with PrairieWoods Farm to help us recycle all of our beer byproducts. You can learn more about their awesome work by checking out their website, and you can enjoy their farm’s delicious produce at local farmers markets and at their onsite farm store!

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