Gluten-Reduced Beer at Bentonville Brewing Co.

In recent years, there have been more and more reports of people who are either plagued with celiac disease or struggle with gluten sensitivity. The easy solution for living with these conditions is to give up any food and beverages that contain traces of gluten; but for the craft beer lover, this is essentially a death sentence.

Part of what makes craft beer so delicious is the various combinations of malts, barley, and wheat – all of which contain gluten.

With many of their customers having to give up gluten, more and more brewers are creating

gluten-free options, which essentially means they use gluten-free ingredients like sorghum, buckwheat, millet, and quinoa to make their beers.

Once these gluten-free beers are tested and verified that they meet the safety requirements for people with gluten-related disorders (<20 ppm), they’re cleared to package and label their product as gluten-free. And although this gives people a craft beer that’s gluten-free, the end result is a brew that has unusual flavors when compared to traditionally made beer.

Gluten-Reduced Beer

Enter gluten-reduced beers as an option for people with gluten-related disorders. When gluten-free beers hit the market, it became clear that these offerings were stand-in copies of the real thing, like tofu for meat. And even though large parts of the market were satisfied with these products, others were missing the highly flavorful and traditionally made IPAs, witbiers, and golden ales.

In response to this, many brewers took up the task of creating high-quality craft beers that were low enough in gluten that they didn’t harm customers with gluten-related disorders, while also maintaining massive amounts of flavor and aroma.

These gluten-reduced beers, as they would come to be called, were made with an enzyme called “clarex” that breaks down gluten proteins. So, while it doesn’t remove gluten from the beer, it breaks the gluten components down into much smaller pieces, meaning that both laboratories and even your body can’t detect the gluten.

Bentonville Brewing Co’s Gluten-Reduced Beers

Here at Bentonville Brewing Company, our brewers are using that same enzyme – Brewers Clarex – for some of our most iconic beers. This enzyme helps with clarity, shelf stability, and gluten reduction.

According to our supplier, a “Brewers Clarex treated beer [that’s] made from barley or wheat will typically test below 20 ppm of gluten, which is the international threshold for brewing [to be] considered gluten-free.”

Our own findings reflect that people who are sensitive to grains that contain gluten are able to enjoy our specially made beers with less irritation and fewer symptoms, including even one of our own brewers.

*Please note, though, that we do not recommend these beers for people who suffer from celiac disease.

Of the various brews that we offer at Bentonville Brewing Company, the following are always treated with Brewers Clarex, and are considered gluten-reduced:

  • · Soulshine Kolsch

  • · Homewrecker IPA

  • · Natural State Porter

  • · Lil’ Wrecker IPA

We hope to offer more gluten-reduced beers in the future so that everyone can enjoy our delicious craft beer! To learn more about our beer at Bentonville Brewing Company, click here!

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