There and Back Again: Bentonville Brewing Co. Comes Home

In 2015, we founded the Bentonville Brewing Company that you’ve come to know and love today. But oddly enough, we’ve spent the majority of our times these past few years operating and pouring beers near downtown Rogers. Naturally, we get a lot of confusion from our friends and patrons – “Bentonville Brewing Company – so why are you guys located in Rogers?”

Well back in 2017, you could find us in Bentonville, right where Airship Coffee sits today. Our little brewery was just 2 years into a 5-year lease when we ran into a bit of trouble.

Back in the day, we shared our parking lot with a few neighboring businesses, and because we wanted to ensure our customers had plenty of places to park in – without stepping on anybody’s toes – we intentionally set our open hours to just be in the afternoon.

Pretty soon we found ourselves in conflict with our neighboring tenants, who consistently went to the building owner to complain about things like parking and dogs being on the property. This eventually led to our landlord kicking us out and taking us to court with a laundry list of reasons for why he didn’t want us as tenants anymore.

The end result? We found ourselves not even 3 years into our lease and evicted from our home in Bentonville.

But we got lucky! It just so happened that right when we found ourselves stranded in Bentonville, our friends from Ozark Beer Company were moving into their new space in downtown Rogers, and had just vacated their space on 1st Street. It was already set up to host a brewery, and we even got some furniture to make the place a bit homier.

So, there we were, refugees in Rogers, AR.

Our original intent was only to stay in Ozark Beer Company’s old space for a few months. We immediately began looking for a new place in Bentonville that we could call home, and even made an offer on one location. We had set our sights on a piece of land near NWACC and Slim Chickens that we bought and made plans to build a new brewery and taproom on. We had everything engineered and designed. We even got approvals for large-scale development – and all within a short amount of time of getting kicked out of our original spot in Bentonville. So why are we still in Rogers, AR all these years later?

Cue a very interesting call from Ropeswing – a hospitality group in Bentonville that’s best-known for establishments like Pressroom, the Holler, Undercroft, and the Preacher’s Son.

Ropeswing came to us with a plan for a climbing gym, a brand-new park, and a lot for other businesses. They asked if we would postpone our plans to move back to Bentonville, so we could be a part of this new development that would be housed right on the corner of 14th and I Street.

After careful deliberation, we decided to switch gears and work with Ropeswing, so that Bentonville Brewing Co. could be part of this amazing development for the community and call this unique spot in Bentonville our new home. We knew we’d have to stay in Rogers a whole lot longer than we originally planned, but it meant that we got to move our operation into a nicer place that was situated in the heart of Bentonville.

So now, after more than 2 years of being in Rogers, we’re on the verge of saying goodbye to our location on 1st street and moving back to Bentonville!

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